Sports Injury Treatment

Sports Injury Treatment

We have spent the majority of our lives playing and working in the sporting environment, and so we know the importance of making ‘the next game’, sporting event, or fitness exam. Here at Savage Sports Therapy our aim is to get you back to full fitness as safely and as quickly as possible.

What does Sports Injury Treatment involve?

Your first session will include a thorough review of your past medical history, what you do week by week, how often you train, etc. Following that a detailed assessment on the injury will be done, which will allow us to report on the findings. Depending on the diagnosis, and if you wish to do so, a plan for treatment will commence.

At the end of the session you will be provided with Injury advice, management and a rehabilitation programme to kick start that road to recovery.

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Typical Sports Injury Treatment

Treatment may include but is not restricted to:

Professional Opinion

If we believe this isn’t the best form of treatment for you, we will happily refer you onto other experienced professionals we know in the industry who are better suited to resolving your issue.

Unfortunately, not every injury can be resolved with manual therapy, but we are lucky enough to be able to refer for scans through the NHS, or privately, allowing us to gain further knowledge about your underlying condition. This is always the last resort for us, and we don’t use this method of treatment unless all else fails.


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